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Headquartered in Mondolfo, Italy, the Filippetti shipyard houses the complete construction
of yachts up to 35 meters in length. Here, each Filippetti yacht is carefully crafted from start to
finish by our world renowned designers, ship builders and engineers with refined skills, and
above all, respect and awe for the sea and the environment.

Filippetti Yacht was built on the experience and craftsmanship of Fausto Filippetti,
co- founder of Pershing Yacht and respected figure in the nautical sector for over thirty years.
Now accompanied by his children, Martina and Giovanni, the Filippetti fleet has grown to
include three distinct categories: Flybridge, Sport and Navetta.



As founder of Pershing Yachts in 1985, Fausto Filippetti has built his career as a respected figure
in the world of Italian luxury boating. After thirty years of experience, Fausto set out to create an
exclusive new range that would focus on a more personalized luxury experience, and offer
remarkable design, comfort and performance as it’s hallmark features. Joined at the helm by his
children, Martina and Giovanni in 2009, the Filippetti brand was born.



Fausto Filippetti made his debut in the nautical sector in 1967, where he began as an apprentice
in the shipyards of Fano, eventually working his way up to become a master shipwright.

THE 80’S

During the 1980s, Fausto founded the “Cantieri Navali dell’ Adriatico” alongside two friends, producing his first vessel in 1981.
Four years later, in collaboration with the yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni. the young shipyard created their first
Pershing ’45. In the years to follow, Pershing became a leader in the construction of open yachts
in fiberglass,and a symbol of excellence in the Italian nautical sector.


Starting in 1998, Fausto Filippetti became a distributor for Pershing yachts, and for ten years was the exclusive dealer
for Italy and France, contributing to building the brand’s prestige. When the dealership closed in September 2008,
Filippetti launched a 75 foot Sport Yacht, the first of aseries of ultra-high performance open sporting yachts.

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